Thank you, my Angels, for visiting my site which will provide you all the information you need to know to keep up with my musical activities and events. Be sure to check out my Bio page so that you may learn more about my personal journey that my music career has brought me on thus far. Music and items in the Store will be posted soon and made available for purchase which will allow YOU to show your support for me. And of course, videos and photos are posted regularly to give you a further insight of what I am about.


Production of Angel Cintron's EP "Arise" began in July of 2015. Production of the project is overseen by Studio 1601 Music executive producer John (J.D.) David Villa and manager Jacqueline Guedea. The EP will contain tracks produced by Ryan "G-Clef" Welch, Glory Muzic and Jimi "Niko" Hernandez. Targeted release date is mid-2016.

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