My Story

At only 8 years old, San Antonio, TX native Angelina Cintron, embarked on a journey with singing and performing to perfect her craft of songwriting, which began at just 12 years old. Today at the age of 19, Angel has progressed in her musical abilities and is now capable on multiple instruments consisting of the violin, ukulele, and piano. She entices her followers with a sound of an alternative pop/RnB style. Angel has managed to accumulate an organic following of over 154k on Instagram alone. Her social media outlets on Facebook and Twitter, among others, are also gaining traction into the thousands of followers.

Under the guidance of her management team, Studio 1601 Music, Angel is currently completing a new project written by herself and Ryan “G-Clef” Welch, who is also producing the tracks. More music in the process includes productions from the Co-Stars, consisting of Neely Dinkins Jr. and Vito Colapietro, and Alfonso Lugo of Pulp Music, among others, all of which is being shopped around to major labels.

She began her first venture in the latter part of 2015. Every composition on the EP was near and dear to her heart and gave a glimpse into the personal life of the artist. The writing credit in each of the songs of her EP is given to her as well. The order of the tracks follows a path of how Angel found herself as a person and as an artist. The project was released in October 2016, entitled “Arise”.

Angel has contributed her vocal genius to major organizations like the WNBA’s basketball team-The Silver Stars, Citibank and Oscar De La Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions. In working with such organizations Angel has performed at venues such the AT&T Center and the Freeman Coliseum.

With countless musical works coming Angel’s way, 2017 has been a promising year for the aspiring Angel Cintron. She also looks forward to having her music published in films and TV shows as she continues building her song catalogue. Creating brand new material will be at the heart of Angel’s focus for her loyal and expanding fan base.